Amber Alert

The kidnapping of autistic Éliot Charbonneau turns his family’s lives upside down, revealing that this family was never quite what it seemed.

The worst nightmare of a parent becomes a brutal reality for Valérie and Jonathan: the disappearance of their 13-year-old son Éliot, who is autistic. The Missing Persons Unit instantly sets off an Amber Alert. Every minute counts to bring Éliot back home safe and sound. Family, friends, neighbours and volunteers gather around the desperate family. The Charbonneau’s home is swarming with first responders and police investigators. Members of the Missing Persons Unit question the family, revealing intimate details about their past and the circumstances that triggered the tragedy. The despair and guilt are tearing Valérie and Jonathan apart.

A twist-filled 10-part crime drama portraying both a family’s misfortune and the emotional ties that bind them. The poignant storyline brings together the experiences of tough days with moments of brightness and hope. The skillful way in which the story of the police investigation, the history of the patchwork family, and the events around the kidnapping itself are interwoven makes this high-quality series as gripping as a family drama and exciting as a thriller.

Episodes with English subtitles watchable here:

01 - My Last Day
02 - Brothers
03 - The Game
04 - Point of no return
05 - The Train
06 - The Dead
07 - The Trucker
08 - The Gardener
09 - The Key
10 - Forgiveness