GLOBAL SCREEN closes major deals on 3D-animated feature film LUIS AND THE ALIENS

Oct 27th, 2017

Munich, October 24th 2017 | In the wake of the film’s much anticipated AFM market premiere, Munich-based sales company Global Screen announces a rack of sales on LUIS AND THE ALIENS, a high profile 3D-animated adventure for the whole family. In Germany it will be released by Majestic in cooperation with 20th Century Fox and Telepool and in Scandinavia by SF Studios. Presales closed around the world in Middle East (Gulf Film) CIS (Voxell), Poland (Kino Swiat), China (H.G.C. Entertainment Limited), South Korea (Smiles Entertainment), Central and South America (LEDA Films), Spain (Flins & Piniculas), Portugal (Lusomundo), Greece (Rosebud.21), Bulgaria (Pro Films), former Yugoslavia and Slovenia (Karantanija), Croatia (Editus), Serbia (Taramount Film), Turkey (Medyavizyon), the Baltics (Garsu Pasaulio Irasai), Indonesia (Pratama), Malaysia (Suraya Film), Philippines (Crystalsky Multimedia Marketing), Vietnam (Rainfilm) and India (Runaway Luminosity Distribution). Global Screen currently is in negotiations with distributors from UK, North America and France.

LUIS AND THE ALIENS tells the story of the 12-year-old boy Luis who makes friends with three awkward little aliens who crash their spaceship nearby Luis' house in a small midwestern city. In return for Luis' help finding the home shopping channel stuff they came for, they try to save Luis from boarding school - and a tumultuous adventure takes its course.

“We are thrilled to premiere this outstanding feature film at the AFM and we are proud that we’ve some of the most prolific distributors for Animation and Family Entertainment films on board already. Without any doubt, our buyers and the audience will enjoy the truly unique hair-raising mix-ups and unexpected twists,” states Alice Buquoy, Senior Sales and Acquisitions Manager at Global Screen.

LUIS AND THE ALIENS is produced by Ulysses Film, Emely Christians, whose previous animation movie “Ooops! Noah is Gone…” sold-out worldwide and grossed more than EUR 25m at the international Box Office. LUIS AND THE ALIENS is co-produced by Fabrique d’Images from Luxembourg and A. Film Production from Denmark. The fresh and entertaining feature film for the entire family is written and directed by Academy Award® winners Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein.

Global Screen will present the film for the very first time at AFM, screenings are scheduled for Nov 3 at 11:30am AMC Santa Monica 2 and Nov 5 at 11am AMC Santa Monica 3.