Thrillers extremely popular - CUT OFF and BLAME GAME selling very well for Global Screen

Feb 7th, 2019

Global Screen has announced a raft of sales on its nerve-wracking thriller CUT OFF, directed by the genre specialist Christian Alvart ("Pandorum", "Antibodies", "Nick: Off Duty") and produced by ZIEGLER FILM, SYRREAL ENTERTAINMENT and WARNER BROS. FILM PRODUCTIONS GERMANY, to China (Shanghai Jushi Films), Japan (Culture Entertainment Co.), South Korea (Jaye Entertainment), Taiwan (Swallow Wings Films), Ukraine (UFD) and Russia (Cinema Prestige) with France and the US in negotiation.

It stars Moritz Bleibtreu ("The Baader Meinhof Complex", "Run Lola Run"), Jasna Fritzi Bauer ("Barbara"), Lars Eidinger ("Clouds of Sils Maria", "Everyone Else") and Fahri Yardim ("Almanya: Welcome to Germany", "Nick: Off Duty").

CUT OFF is based on the international bestselling book by Sebastian Fitzek and Michael Tsokos. Sebastian Fitzek’s books have been translated into 24 languages. Trapped on a lonely island with a killer, the artist Linda has to perform an autopsy: the kidnapped daughter of the coroner Herzfeld will only be saved if she can find the clue that's hidden inside the dead body.

CUT OFF can be seen in Berlin at the EFM as a market screening in the Marriott Studio at 18:00 on 7 February.

Good deals have also been posted for the gripping political thriller BLAME GAME, the latest production from Walker + Worm Film ("Picco", "Finsterworld", "The Garden").

Rights for UK were picked up by Signature Entertainment, and further deals have been closed for Spain (Flins y Peniculas), China (Shanghai Jushi Films Co Ltd.), Japan (Klockworx) South Korea (Jaye Entertainment), Taiwan (Swallow Wings Films Co Ltd.) and Latin America (Telefilms).

BLAME GAME is written and directed by Philipp Leinemann (“The King's Surrender”), with tour-de-force performances by A-listers Ronald Zehrfeld ("Phoenix", "The People vs Fritz Bauer"), Alexander Fehling („Homeland", "Labyrinth of Lies"), Axel Prahl ("Grill Point") and Antje Traue (“Dark”, “Seventh Son”). Intelligence expert Martin Behrens provides information leading to a US drone strike on a wanted terrorist. Then, his lover Aurice - a smart political journalist - is killed in a terrorist attack, presumably as a payback for the drone strike. Martin starts investigating on his own.

BLAME GAME is in the running for the 2019 German Film Awards and can therefore be seen at the Berlinale within the framework of the Lola@Berlinale screenings for accredited visitors in the Delphi Lux at 14.30 on 8 February and 16:45 on 12 February.