Coastal Pilots

Freedom is what happens between take-off and landing 

Single-mother Swantje is facing challenges on all fronts – the family business is in trouble due to her father’s forced retirement and then her prodigal brother, apple of her father’s eye, returns to ‘lend a hand’ and push her aside. It’s just as well she’s no pushover.

Swantje Hansen lives with her family – her father Hauke and daughter Jule – on a picturesque island in the North Sea and works in the family business. She is a coastal pilot and aircraft mechanic and is set, so she thinks, to take over the business some day from her father Hauke. But then ‘some day’ arrives a little earlier than expected. Her father’s cataract diagnosis is disastrous for the business as it means he can no longer fly, but then her brother returns from Siberia completely out of the blue, much to their father’s delight, and starts to make himself comfortable in the life she has created.

Fresh, new entertainment with sympathetic characters dealing with relatable issues including family relationships, succession in family businesses, and women working in male-dominated industries, all set against the stunning backdrop of the German North Sea coast, with outstanding cinematography.

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Little Sister, Big Brother