Little Sister, Big Brother

Swantje is an aircraft mechanic and coastal pilot at the airfield owned by her father Hauke in Büsum, on the North German coast. The raw idyllic beauty of this place has always been something that Swantje has enjoyed about her life and work here, but a fear of flying has kept her grounded since a dangerous crash landing. This is an existential problem for the family business, as 57-year-old Hauke has been recently diagnosed with cataracts and should not be flying at all. Fortunately, Swantje's brother Sönke (Hannes Wegener), who has been running his own business in remote Siberia, swoops in to save the day in his sleek little plane much to his father’s delight. Hauke is quite old-school and sees his charismatic son as his legitimate successor, completely underestimating how much Swantje cares for the airfield and how hard she has worked – but Swantje is no pushover and will not give up without a fight.