LUTHER AND I scores record ratings in Germany

Feb 23rd, 2017

Munich, Feb 23rd, 2017 | Yesterday evening Germany’s first public TV Channel ARD/Das Erste raised the bar: historic TV movie LUTHER AND I scored record ratings of 7,28 million spectators and a quote of 22,5% total market share on a Wednesday evening. Only with top soccer events have achieved similar ratings in the past months. LUTHER AND I is the highlight program in a series of productions, which ARD/Das Erste is airing to commemorate Christian reformer Martin Luther and the publication of his famos 95 theses in 1517.  The TV movie is true to the historic facts but takes a highly original and modern take to it by telling the story of Luther’s wife, Katharina Luther.    Katharina was abandoned and left on the doorsteps of a convent at the age of six. She lived the life of a virtuous nun laid out for her in advance but when she becomes acquainted with the writings of the Reformer Martin Luther – which are secretly, and prohibitedly, changing hands – she discovers a completely new world of ideas. She flees from the convent but when she meets Martin Luther, he is not the “fighter” who is wreaking havoc throughout Europe: he is vulnerable, ill, full of doubts. Out of an initial sympathy arises a deep and mutual respect. Their wedding marks the beginning of an entirely new life for Katharina. As a mother of six children, she also becomes a successful business woman and – far ahead of her time – a lead character in the earliest awakening of women’s emancipation.    The gripping drama is produced by Eikon Süd, Cross Media, Tellux Film, Conradfilm in co-production with MDR, ARD Degeto, BR and SWR and stars Devid Striesow (“The Counterfeiters,” “Yella”) and Karoline Schuch (“I’m Off Then”) in the lead roles. Julia von Heinz (“I’m Off Then”) directs.    Global Screen’s Head of TV Sales & Acquisitions states, “Global Screen is proud to present this extremely successful and gripping story to an international audience. LUTHER AND I is a fascinating and moving depiction of a young woman far ahead of her time. We – and more than 7 million German spectators – think it’s time to pay her a tribute.”