Global Screen saves Christmas

Mar 14th, 2018

Imagine Christmas is in danger to disappear. Even if this option sounds interesting for some stressed adults, it would be a tragedy for children and Christmas lovers. How Christmas is saved in 24 x 15’ shows the captivating
Christmas tale “Let it glow – How Pauline saved Christmas”, which Global Screen is presenting at this year’s MIPTV. The protagonists of this family fairy tale are an animated & glowing x-mas bag named Beutolomäus, a
faked Saint Nick and a chimney sweeper that doesn’t now he’s the real Santa. Thank God, Pauline is there to save Christmas…

The production company WunderWerk tells a delightful family fairy tale in a unique TV format, combining CG Iand live action. Global Screen acquired the international distribution rights of the highly acclaimed series.

Alexandra Heidrich, Global Screen’s Head of TV Sales & Acquisitions, states, “Let it glow – How Pauline saved Christmas, is a suspenseful TV format made for the whole family. We are convinced that this heart warming
Christmas tale will appeal to audiences all over the world. Everyone loves a great fairy tale and the unique concept of combining CGI and live action guarantees first-class TV entertainment.”

Let it glow – How Pauline saved Christmas, premiered in Germany last December on KIKA and generated millions of views on TV and online.

According to an age-old tradition in the Christmas World, every hundred years a new Santa Claus is chosen, while the old one retires. This time, the job goes to Ruprecht Tumb, a brilliant inventor and tech nerd, who has secretly
manipulated the election. Ruprecht wants more than anything else to be Santa Claus, because he's the most popular person in the world. At the festive welcome ceremony, the new Santa gets to know his faithful
companion, the x-mas bag Beutolomäus. But the expected magic glow doesn't occur when the two meet. For Beutolomäus it's clear that Ruprecht can't be the real Santa Claus. Beutolomäus sets out in search of the actual
Santa in order to save Christmas.