Global Screen Takes Niko 'Beyond the Northern Lights' to the USA with VIVA KIDS, Finding New Homes Across Continents

Feb 12th, 2024

Munich, February 12, 2024 – Global Screen, a TELEPOOL brand, closed further deals on major territories for its charming and turbulent adventure film for the whole family “Niko – Beyond the Northern Lights”. 

Viva Pictures has acquired all rights for North America to the new feature of the popular children’s classic about a flying reindeer after two previous films in the franchise “Niko & The Way to the Stars” (2008) and “Niko – Little Brother, Big Trouble” (2012) proved to be hits with audiences worldwide. Further deals were concluded with Flins y Piniculas for Spain, CDC for Latin America, Nos Lusomundo for Portugal, Grand Entertainment for the Middle East and SVOE Kino for Ukraine. 

Klaus Rasmussen, Head of Theatrical International Sales & Acquisitions, assembled a fantastic international sales team with Karina Korenblum and Lucrecia Magnanini to bring Niko's journey across continents: 'Global Screen is thrilled to continue its longstanding partnership with Viva Kids in the US, a steady partner and trustful collaborator. Our gratitude extends to all our “Niko distributors” who passionately champion the presence of independent animations in challenging times. This confirms that independent animations have their space in the market. And what we find most gratifying is the possibility to spread joy through Niko's adventure on screens worldwide.' 

Laura Prieto, VP Acquisitions at Viva Kids added:  We are so happy to continue our partnership with Global Screen, who share our commitment to independent animation studios. Niko: Beyond the Northern Lights will bring joy and adventure to the entire family and we are thrilled to offer all audiences a new film to incorporate into their holiday traditions.

As previously announced, the animated film has already been picked up by Kino Swiat for Poland, Bluelabel for South Korea, Just4Kids for the Benelux, GPI for the Baltic states, Karantanija for ex-Yugoslavia, Vertigo for Hungary, Zinos Panagiotidis for Greece, Bad Unicorn for Romania, Bohemia Motion Pictures for Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Pro Film for Bulgaria and Bir Film for Turkey and Bac Films in France. 

Nordisk Film will be the first to release the film theatrically in the home territory of Scandinavia, kicking off on October 11th, 2024, and extending into the holiday season.

In this new adventure, the flying reindeer boy Niko’s biggest dream is to become a member of Santa’s Flying Forces. But he gets challenged by a super talented reindeer girl, Stella, who shatters that dream. Niko has to decide between trust and loyalty.  

Following the global success of the first two Niko films, which were sold to over 120 countries, 'Niko – Beyond the Northern Lights,' directed by Kari Juusonen with co-director Jørgen Lerdam, is also a major European animated co-production. The film reunites Hannu Tuomainen and Antti Haikala at Finnish company Animaker, with co-producers Emely Christians of Germany’s Ulysses Films, (The Amazing Maurice, Two By Two: Overboard!), Moe Honan of Ireland’s Moetion Films (Two By Two:  Overboard!) and Anders Mastrup of the Danish company A. Film Production (Checkered Ninja 2).

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