GLOBAL SCREEN racks up major sales to USA and France for its fascinating and visually stunning documentary THE HIDDEN LIFE OF TREES

Jun 17th, 2020

Global Screen has closed deals on major territories for THE HIDDEN LIFE OF TREES based on Peter Wohlleben's non-fiction bestseller “The Hidden Life of Trees” which has been published in over 40 countries. Capelight has acquired all rights for North America, with Metropolitan picking up France. Further deals are being lined up for Canada (Mongrel Media), Spain (Surtsey Films) and the Benelux (Paradiso).

The Constantin Film production THE HIDDEN LIFE OF TREES, which had attracted nearly 350,000 German cinema-goers before cinema attendance was put on hold by the coronavirus pandemic, provides answers to questions never asked before such as - are trees able to talk? Do they have a memory and a social life?

The whole world is talking about the environment, but frequently fails to listen to nature itself. One man has made it his mission to change this and has promptly reached millions of people. The forester and bestselling author Peter Wohlleben adopts an entertaining and enlightening approach to tell us about the solidarity and cohesion of trees and opens our eyes to the hidden world of the forest and the "Wood Wide Web".

Director Jörg Adolph ("Parents' School") combines the exciting portrait of a man who understands the language of trees with breath taking nature footage from the world of forests to create a documentary that is as entertaining as it is fascinating.