Global Screen has picked up the rights to STITCH HEAD, the new family entertainment project by the the director of global box-office hit “Ooops! Noah is Gone...”

Apr 26th, 2019

The  Munich-based world sales company Global Screen has picked up worldwide distribution rights to STITCH HEAD, a monstrously funny new twist on the Frankenstein story where the monsters are the good guys and the humans are scary. This 3D animation feature will be directed by Toby Genkel (“Richard the Stork”, “Ooops! Noah is Gone…”) and Steve Hudson.

Based on the children’s books by award-winning British author Guy Bass, STITCH HEAD is an adventure full of fun for monsters young and old.

High above the little town of Grubbers Nubbin looms Castle Grotteskew. Here the maddest of all mad professors awakes his monstrous creations to (almost)-LIFE!™ …then promptly forgets all about them. The only one looking after the castle and the monsters within is Stitch Head - the professor’s very first creation. Terrified that even the smallest sign of monstrousness will turn the townsfolk of Grubbers Nubbin into an angry mob who’ll burn the Castle to the ground, Stitch Head does everything to keep himself and his fellow monsters safe and hidden. But then a Freak Show comes to town - and its director  Fulbert Freakfinder desperately needs new and scarier exhibits. Soon it’s up to Stitch Head and his best friends, the huge one-eyed Creature, and the small but fearless Arabella to save themselves, the castle and all the monsters within from Freakfinder - and the angry mob.

Alice Buquoy, Senior Sales and Acquisitions Manager at Global Screen, says that “STITCH HEAD is a family entertainment adventure-comedy for mainstream audiences. After attracting considerable interest from numerous distributors from various countries when it was first pitched at Cartoon Movie in Bordeaux, we are really looking forward to presenting it to our clients at this year’s Marché du Film.”

Sonja Ewers: “The moment we encountered the first Stitch Head book, we were certain it was a fantastic point of departure for a great animated film with worldwide appeal. It has laugh out loud humour, characters that make your heart melt, and most of all, it plays in a world that everyone - kids and parents alike - grasp instinctively. The monster genre is full of creative fun, and we’re delighted that such a great team has come on board to make this movie a success.”

STITCH HEAD is produced by Sonja Ewers, of Gringo Films in Cologne, who as Wild Bunch Germany’s head of family entertainment has been responsible for the Peterson and Findus films, Dilili à Paris and the forthcoming My Friend Connie, amongst others.

LAVAlabs and Studio Rakete (“Niko” and “Ooops! Noah is Gone...”) will be serving as co-producers. The film’s development has been supported by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, the German Federal Film Board (FFA), and Creative Europe – MEDIA.

Global Screen will begin presales for STITCH HEAD at the upcoming Marché du Film.