Zeruya Shalev - The Song of Love

Zeruya Shalev, the Israeli bestseller author, fascinates readers throughout the world with her literary investigation of the mystery between men and women.
From Jerusalem to Rome, from Bejing to Istanbul, her readers identify with the protagonists of her trilogy about modern love. Her books have been translated into over 22 languages, in the German-speaking region alone they have sold over a million copies. The linguistic magician gives a profound and captivating analysis of her couples' aberrations, then sends them to hell, only to allow them to try their luck on earth once again with the insights they have gained.
The film accompanies the author, who has an M.A. in Biblical Studies, through her everyday life in Jerusalem. The city exerts a magical attraction for her. She could never imagine leaving here, even though she was severely injured by a suicide attack in her district in 2004. The viewer accompanies Zeruya Shalev on a journey back to her childhood, to Beit Berl, the place she still misses. And we meet her literati family - her husband, brothers and parents. Modern Israel, divided, its existence threatened, is presented to the viewer in close-up, subjectively through the eyes of the love analyst, whose view is as passionate as it is respectful - not only with regard to her homeland.

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