Winter's Daughter

Kattaka is celebrating Christmas at home in Berlin when her family receives a phone call that reveals that the man Kattaka thought was her father actually isn't. Wanting to know who her biological father is, she sets off on a journey along German country roads and the Polish coast to find him. Knacke, her best friend, and Lene, her 75-year old neighbour, go with her, as Lene is looking for something, too.  

A story of friendship across nations and generations, and about having the courage to live your life, starring Ursula Werner ("Cloud 9") in another powerful role.

"A wonderful road movie (...), in magnificent widescreen imagery" - EPD Film

Festival: Chicago Intl' Children's FF, FIFEM Montreal, BUSTER Copenhagen, Melbourne IFF, Golden Sparrow

Press Quotes:

"Director Johannes Schmid's second film is much more than a kid's movie. Against a beautiful winter landscape, he shot a road movie that combines adventure and philosophy, that appeals to adults as well as kids."
Süddeutsche Zeitung Extra

"Suspenseful, funny, serious and happy-go-lucky, told with atmosphere and authenticity, the film is about so much more than the moving story of Lene and Kattaka alone."


Deutscher Filmpreis - German Film Award (2012)
  Deutscher Filmpreis
    main prize    Best Film (BEST CHILDREN’S FILM)

Chicago International Children's Film Festival (CICFF) (2011)
  Chicago International Children's Film Festival (CICFF) Awards
    main prize    Best Film ()