Wheeling and Dealing - Deutsche Bank's Dirty Business

Deutsche Bank was once a model of reliable, conservative banking. Under the aegis of Josef Ackermann, it grew into an internationally active gambling casino, as the filmmakers show, with a large share of responsibility for the global financial crisis. 

Josef Ackermann spent ten years remaking Deutsche Bank as an internationally active investment bank, which earned billions by unscrupulous methods. On May 2012, Ackermann's era at the leading German bank ended - leaving behind a number of customers who feel cheated by the bank: Private customers, communities and state banks. Germany's flagship financial institution faces uncertain financial risks from litigation, possibly costing billions, as well. The doc examines the top bank's business practices at home and abroad, illuminating the institute's role in the global financial crisis.

Note: Material is only partially clean available (clean with animated opening titles and inserts).