What Women Do at 3:30 a.m.

A small-town bakery fights back against globalization by globalizing itself, exporting German Christmas fruitcake to the Islamic world. A charming holiday movie from Upper Bavaria - and Dubai. 

Franzi's world is falling apart around her. As a single mother working as a baker in a Bavarian village, she has a multinational bakery chain stealing her customers with rock-bottom prices. Her boss, who also happens to be her father, is so worried he has a heart attack. Franzi's older sister immediately comes to visit from Berlin to help her family. Unfortunately, she's a real know-it-all and spends all her time giving everybody good advice. Should Franzi really try to start over in the big city and let down her father by leaving him alone with his powerful rivals and crushing debts? No way. She won't give up without a fight. Franzi vows to make the best of it. She comes up with a crazy scheme to fight back with her own means. "Globalization" is the magic word...

"With laid-back humor, surprise twists, a dose of seriousness and an excellent cast down to the smallest roles, this tragicomedy will warm your heart in the coldest weather." (Blickpunkt:Film)

Munich Film Fest 2012