Wealthy Corpses: A Crime Story from Starnberg

Odd things start to happen when Rookie Cop Ariane reports for work in the rich suburb of Starnberg. A corpse surfaces at the same spot where Mad King Ludwig II drowned in 1886. The dead man isn't just dressed like Ludwig, he seems to have lived like him, too...

Police academy grad Ariane Fink from Dortmund winds up in Starnberg, of all places: A faceless bedroom community on a beautiful Bavarian lake. The highest population of millionaires in the state. On her first day on duty, Ariane is faced with the most Bavarian cliché of all: Mad King Ludwig II, or a very convincing doppelganger, washes up on the shore in the same spot where the monarch drowned 1886. Even Chief Inspector Lu Reinhold is impressed, as a big fan of the fabled king, and takes on the case personally. But who is the dead man? He seems to have lived just as richly as his role model, with "severe tooth decay and serious obesity". They can't figure out his identity or whether it was murder or suicide, however. The only clue is the fake king seems to have had a sleep disorder. Then the rich daughter from a broken Starnberg home is kidnapped, who shares one thing in common with king Ludwig: She just wants to be loved.

Directed by German star director Dominik Graf ("Beloved Sisters", "Dreileben", "Face to Face with Crime).