Undercover Love

Harmless housewife Susanne has been married to chip salesman Johannes for 14 years when she thinks to discover he's having an affair. But it turns out Johannes is actually a secret agent on the trail of a secret Nazi weapon of mass destruction - and soon it's up to Susanne to save the world. 
Susanne is so busy raising her two teenage kids and taking care of the house that she doesn't realize her husband Johannes is actually a secret agent, with a sexy partner named Kathrin, and not a computer chip salesman as he pretends to be. When Susanne spots the two together one day, posing as a Russian couple, she thinks her faithful husband is having an affair and blows their cover. Johannes is heartbroken his wife would doubt him and tells her the whole story. They fight and Johannes disappears. Susanne assumes he's run off, but actually he's been kidnapped by Kathrin, who's a double agent working for a Syndicate, which is trying to get ahold of a deadly Nazi U-boat weapon of mass destruction. Soon Susanne discovers Johannes was telling the truth, and that it is now up to her to save the world?

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