Under the Hammer of the Nazis - The Secret Files of Adolf W.

March, 2013. A sensational, incomparable find in the basement of a Munich auction house: 44 auction catalogs from the years 1936 to 1944, containing hand-written notes on over 33 000 lots. Katrin Stoll, present-day owner, realizes: "We found a skeleton in our closet." She takes a brave step and decides to have her own company's history investigated. A suspenseful investigation begins.

Adolf Hitler was the greatest and most ruthless art thief ever. No artwork was safe from the tyrant's grasp. Jewish art dealers were forced to flee the country with only the shirt on their backs - including Siegfried Lämmle. His descendants live in the USA today. They gave up any hope of ever getting back any of what was stolen long ago. Harry Ettlinger is one of the last surviving so-called Monuments Men, an Allied unit unique in history, created to protect the art of Europe from the Nazis and return it to its rightful owners. 70 years later, the Jewish victims' descendants first find out the whole scope of the art theft, including Lämmle's grand-daughter. Thanks to the Weinmüller files, there is now hope of some late justice for the victims of the world's greatest art theft.

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