Under Suspicion

A happy life comes crashing down when a ghost from the past resurfaces. The emergence of new evidence in an old murder case reawakens hostilities and suspicions, causing Tom, the main suspect to face his past in search of the truth.

Eva and Tom are a happy young couple. Eva is a dedicated teacher; Tom runs a bicycle shop with his friend Chris, who he has known since they were kids together in the small locality of Haimersheim. Life is good until one evening Dominik, another old friend from home suddenly turns up at Tom's door, rocking his happy little world to its core. In the intervening years, Dominik has become a detective with Frankfurt CID, and he has come to take a DNA sample from Tom. A number of years previously when the friends were still teenagers, an 11-year old boy named Adrian was murdered in Haimersheim. The murder has remained unsolved to this day, but now there is new evidence and the case has been reopened. Tom, the main suspect at the time, has to face his past in search of the truth.