Tropic of Sheep

Just 5,000 people live on North and South Uist, Benbecula and Barra in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland's North West coast. To some these remote islands are an idyllic home, an unspoilt natural haven; to others they are a barren place of isolation.

Marie first moved to the islands from the Czech Republic because of work. She wants to stay; her boyfriend Andrej wants to leave. Lain and his daughter Joan work ardently to make their sheep farming business a success, nonetheless they can sense that their daily existence is under threat. Even here time doesn't stand still. The islanders gaze out to the wider world far beyond the Atlantic Ocean that crashes at their shores. People come and go; others will remain here their whole lives. Farmers, hoteliers, politicians and waiters tell us what it means to them to live in this far-flung corner of Europe. The camera captures the harsh beauty of the landscape, its crofts, moors and lochs, its clouds, water and light. Postcards from a rugged paradise, tales of change and of the winds.