Treasures of the World - Special

"We preserve what we love. We love what we understand. We understand what we have learnt."

This is the motto under which UNESCO has been preserving what are, by now, 890 one-of-a-kind natural and manmade monuments around the world since 1972. The Treasures of Mankind series follows the UNESCO World Heritage List, weaving amazing stories of our human history and destiny around them in incredible imagery. The Treasures of Mankind episodes not only supply an impressive store of knowledge about our world, but also impart a feeling for the spirit of each location and offer audiences completely new insights and horizons. These monumental documentaries were beautifully shot on 35mm film, the latest episodes are filmed in HD.

3 new episodes available now.

  • Coal, Steel and Copper - Monuments of Industrial History (new - HD)
  • The World Heritage that is China (new - HD)
  • The Renaissance - Birth of a new Era (new - HD)