Treasures of the World - Heritage of Mankind

"We preserve what we love. We love what we understand. We understand what we have learnt."

Under this motto, UNESCO has been protecting since 1972 as World Heritage meanwhile more than 800 unique natural and cultural sites throughout the world, such as the Taj Mahal in India, Australia's Kakadu National Park or the world's first iron bridge in Great Britain. This treasury also serves as the guideline for the documentary series »Treasures of the World« which tells inspiring stories about the heritage of mankind in fascinating pictures. The famous Summer Palace in China, the Serengeti wildlife reserve or the ruined Inca city of Machu Picchu - altogether 300 particularly significant sites worldwide have been portrayed since 1994 in films of unparalleled vividness and beauty. The »Treasures of the World« not only convey the most important information about the sites; they also capture their spirit, thus providing the viewers with completely new insights.

The latest episodes were all produced in HD. Selected earlier episodes that were shot on 35 mm have been transferred into HD recently. In total: 150 episodes in HD.

418 x 15' or 195 x 30' to be continued
5 new episodes!