Transit (7/20)

Turkish homicide detective Mehmet Özakin investigates the death of a cab driver, who seems to have been smuggling immigrants on the side. But who was the mysterious beautiful stranger who was the last to ride in his cab...?

Inspector Özakin wants to spend a nice romantic evening with his wife Sevim, taking her out to dinner to a fancy restaurant. But a friend of Sevim's shows up looking for a place to stay, because her pipes have burst - and then Özakin is called to a murder scene in the middle of the night. So much for romance. Young writer and cab driver Tarik was found shot to death in his cab. It seems he was smuggling immigrants as well. Tarik's brother Erdogan acts suspiciously when Özakin and his assistant Mustafa come to question the family. His wife Aisha seems to play some part in the riddle as well. Before Özakin can put together all the pieces, they have to find Tarik's last fare, a beautiful stranger. 

1   Last Stop Istanbul
2   Murder on the Bosporus
3   In Your Hand
4   The Stone Warriors

5   The Price of Life
6   Bond of Blood
7   Transit
   Silent Witness

9   Tarlabasi
10 The Second Lead 

11 The End of Alp Atakan 
12 Offsides


13 Club Royal

14 The Bosporus Broker
15 Taurus 1
16 Taurus 2
17 A Village under Suspicion
18 The Lost Son
19 The Final Passenger
20 Deadly Desire (new)