To Have and to Hold 2

After they got back together after 20 years of bitter separation at their daughter's wedding, Claire and Bernhard want to enjoy life together again. After averting marrying the wrong guy at the last moment, their daughter Sophie is off on a romantic honeymoon with her old flame Hans. Both couples are convinced it'll all work out this time. What's a few skeletons in the closet, after all? Doesn't everyone have those? Environmental undersecretary Tannenberger wants to hire Claire for his ministry. And Bernhard gets a secret call for help from his successor at work, Ingo. It seems their airplane prototype exceeds some noise restrictions a little bit. Ingo also asks engineer Sophie for her help, also secretly. As everyone pretends to be enjoying their rest and retirement, they're torn apart inside.The sequel to the hit family comedy with top notch cast. Headlining veteran German A-listers Senta Berger and Friedrich von Thun as a feuding former couple, giving it another shot after 20 years.