To Have and to Hold

Their daughter's wedding brings together Bernhard and Claire, who've been avoiding each other since their divorce twenty years ago. Somehow they'll have to find a way to work together...

Bernhard and Claire have been avoiding each other for 20 years, ever since their divorce. He's a businessman and investor, she's an environmentalist who runs a greenhouse. Now their daughter Sophie is getting married to fellow engineer Ingo, and the two exes will have to find a way to work together. At first things go as expected: They fight over every little thing. But Sophie is confident they'll work it out somehow. So is Bernhard, but for different reasons: His firm is in danger, and he hopes Claire can help him win the support of her former admirer Sujit Singh, an Indian industrialist. Naturally, Claire isn't supposed to find out anything about his plans - but she does, of course. As they bicker, however, they're surprised to discover they still have feelings for each other. And the bride and groom, two incurable workaholics, discover they may not be ready to get married.

Best day ratings on its prime time premiere in 2012.

Sequel in Production, coming to you Spring 2013