Three Dads are Better than None

For Maike and her kids Jasper and Luise, their visit with Maike's mother Inge in Füdrum was only supposed to be a stop-off. Maike wants to find out who the father of her son was: Farmer Hinnerk, mechanic Ole or former ladies' man Torben? Maike's arrival gets the seaside town in a whirl. While Ole's mother and Hinnerk's girlfriend have it in for Maike, the kids have fun with their grandma - and with Jasper's potential dads. Maike has to realize she's more like her mother than she'd like. Suddenly, the unspeakable seems possible?

Unconventional patchwork comedy with lots of feeling and beautiful scenery.

Maike is a happy person. Maybe because she doesn't need a lot to be happy. She loves life and just wishes life would love her, too. Maike has three kids from three different men.
Some people might take this as a sign she's lived an immoral life. But that would be just as wrong as thinking she's someone who sees the world through rose-colored glasses. People who don't know our hero might confuse her easy-going attitude with naivety. But that would be wrong, too. Maike has just preserved her innocent view of life and other people. When someone else tries to upset that view or disappoint her, they'll hit a brick wall. It may be hard to believe, but this woman won't be disappointed any more. Every hurt fate brings can heal and every setback is an opportunity, she says. Even if we can't believe it, Maike does. Our hero doesn't want to change herself - she wants to change the world! And a good thing, too. Maike is a black sheep, and the only problem is: There aren't enough black sheep.