Season 2

The Story - Season 2

After Luc has rehabilitated himself and solved the mystery of his friend and colleague Bernhard's murder, he now devotes himself full-time to his new career as undertaker. While Luc resolves to keep out of police work, he's glad to offer them his help and intuition when it's needed. Secretly he hopes to win Anna-Maria back, of course. When an unidentified corpse is found by the river, Luc's uncanny premonition tells him it's just the beginning of a complicated case of organized crime. Soon federal agent Pedro Lambert shows up from Lausanne, making a big impression on Anna-Maria with his quirky investigative style, while Luc's warnings fall on deaf ears. By the end of the first episode, Luc proves right. He got the ball rolling in the first place, but the case is far from solved. It will keep the police and the undertaker on their toes for several more episodes...

Episode 1: Angel of Death
Episode 2: Bull's Blood
Episode 3: Death Watch
Episode 4: Ghosts
Episode 5: Battle Flag
Episode 6: Under the Ground

"Excellent cast" (Die Zeit)
"The cinematography is on par with international crime blockbusters. The story is just as good." (BZ Bern)
"Mike Müller is a smash as Luc Conrad." (Basler Zeitung)
"A Swiss delight for mystery fans." (