Season 1

The Story - Season 1

After a year of silence and separation between Inspector Anna-Maria and undertaker Luc, a corpse on the Suter family chicken farm brings the two together again. They were once partners - professionally and romantically. Luc immediately smells a rat in the case of beautiful Celia's death, and can't help but nose around - causing no end of headaches for Anna-Maria. The murder, along with his reunion with his former love and his old colleague and prosecutor Paul, revives Luc's memories of the tragic circumstances that made him quit the police force. His best friend Bernhard called him to the boating club down by the river, where Luc found Bernhard shot and dying. His killer was never caught, an internal investigation exonerated Luc, but doubts always remained. Will the undertaker finally get a chance to prove his innocence?

Episode 1: Grave Legacy
Episode 2: Flotsam
Episode 3: Zero to Sixty
Episode 4: Thorn in the Side

"Excellent cast" (Die Zeit)
"The cinematography is on par with international crime blockbusters. The story is just as good." (BZ Bern)
"Mike Müller is a smash as Luc Conrad." (Basler Zeitung)
"A Swiss delight for mystery fans." (