Season 3

An undertaker and a police inspector form the oddball duo at the heart of this screwball whodunnit.

The undertaker has returned for season 3 solving crimes in and around the Swiss smalltown of Aarau. Luc Conrad investigates unusual casualties - wherever they occur: on a golf course, behind the scenes of a catwalk or near placid lake Hallwyl. He looks into places, where no one dares looking - the investigation around the death of a violent male nurse in a home for the elderly brings to light much more than the mere murderer. On occasion of a deadly car accident close to a monastery Luc, Anna-Maria, Doerig, Erika and Fabio are confronted with their own relation to questions of eternity, spirituality and religion. And when a high ranking official - the archaeologist of the Canton Aargau - is found beaten to death in a Conrad-coffin, the undertaker himself is coming under attack. Anna-Maria and Luc are also challenged privately. Will the two manage to balance out harmoniously their romantic relationship, inner calling and demanding occupation - a feat, which has little chance to suceed.
And everything is overshadowed by the Semmelweis tragedy. The assassination attempt on the forensic doctor has not been solved, the hunt for the criminals responsible rips right through Luc and his "family", even threatens to destroy it. Can the undertaker save the people dear to him? Can he save himself?

Episode 1: Open Wounds
Episode 2: Blind Spot
Episode 3: Beautiful Illusion
Episode 4: The Other Side
Episode 5: Stranger in the coffin
Episode 6: Ashes to ashes

"Excellent cast" (Die Zeit)
"The cinematography is on par with international crime blockbusters. The story is just as good." (BZ Bern)
"Mike Müller is a smash as Luc Conrad." (Basler Zeitung)
"A Swiss delight for mystery fans." (