The Treasure Hunter Trilogy (3 x 120 min.)

Dynamic, fast-paced and gripping - these three smash hit adventures have everything the action-adventure fan seek s - TV entertainment at its best.

A team headed by Ike Meiers, a treasure hunter and former archaeologist, with techie sidekick Justus and attractive archaeologist Katharina, hunt some of the greatest legends and most fabled treasures of all time. Their enemies are fanatical art collectors, ruthless tycoons who seek immortality, unscrupulous pharmaceutics magnates looking for power, or just never-ending archaeological glory.
Together they solve riddles to hunt down forgotten, forbidden and hidden treasures of the past - may it be a cure-all, powerful relics or legendary gold treasures. Leading their way on their action-packed scavenger hunts are amulets, coins, paintings, laser beams - and even Siegfried's mythic sword Nothung?
Their hunts lead them all the way to Germany's most picturesque locations, from medieval sites such as the Valhalla to the most famous tourist attractions such as Neuschwanstein castle or Berlin's Brandenburg Gate. Legends from the Dark Ages to the Third Reich infuse these action-adventures with fantasy and excitement.


The smash primetime ratings for "The Charlemagne Code" (21.6 % target audience share) and "The Spear of Destiny" (20.4 % target audience share) each topped daily ratings. In 2010 "The Charlemagne Code" was an international smash hit when the adventure spectacular scored 6th on the Chinese box office charts three weeks in a row.