The Traitors' Children - Sons and Daughters of the Resistance

Executed as traitors, the conspirators in the plot to assassinate Hitler have been forgotten by history, inconvenient truths that muddy the popular, official story of the Second World War. They have not however been forgotten by the children they left behind. This film presents their stories.

On 20 July 1944, an assassination attempt was made on the life of Adolf Hitler; its failure and that of the coup d'état planned to follow, Operation Valkyrie, lead to the arrest and execution of thousands of people. In his film, "The Traitors' Children", Christian Weisenborn presents harrowing encounters with the children of the executed conspirators, while also taking a look at his own family history. His parents belonged to a group of anti-fascists, which the Gestapo called the "Rote Kapelle" (the red chapel). Weisenborn's parents survived, but 52 of their friends were hanged in Plötzensee in 1942/43. Weisenborn also interviewed their sons and daughters.

They have mourned privately for decades against the backdrop of the Cold War, and suffered in silence as their parents' names were slandered in the interests of political expediency in both the East and the West. Resistance fighters were rounded up, expelled or made to fit in. Against this background, the film presents impressive, highly emotive snapshots from the lives of the children of the resistance, and with that, honors the courage of the parents giving them their rightful place in history.