The Silence of Pandas - What the WWF Isn't Saying

"The Silence of Pandas - What the WWF Isn't Saying": The WWF is the largest environmental protection organization in the world. Trust in its green projects is almost limitless. So far, at least. This documentary seeks to reveal the secrets of the WWF. It is a journey into the heart of the green empire and may shatter public faith in the panda forever. 

In 2012, the Otto Brenner Foundation awarded the much talked-about documentary 2nd prize for critical journalism. Film maker Wilfried Huismann had given, according to the jury, "a lasting insight into the complicated and shadowy work of the most powerful environmental protection organization in the world". It was, they felt, "a strong piece of journalism".

With rousing campaigns, the WWF directly targets the conscience of its donors - everyone should do their part to save endangered species, the climate and/or the rainforest. The WWF was founded 50 years ago, on September 11, 1961. Today it is the most influential lobby group for the environment in the world, thanks largely to its excellent contacts in both the political and industrial spheres and to its ability to walk a constant tightrope between commitment and venality. A year in the making, this film will dispel the green image of the WWF however. Behind the organization's eco-facade, this documentary uncovers explosive stories from all around the world. For example, the WWF has no problem maintaining close ties with companies who have particularly excelled at destroying the rainforests and other major natural regions.