The Secret of the Apes - Narrowing the Gap

Do apes have a culture of their own? What seemed unthinkable for centuries is hardly called into doubt at all any more in the scientific community. This doc follows the trail of a provocative thesis. 

Not everyone agrees with the theories of internationally acclaimed primatologist Christophe Boesch. If chimpanzees really pass on their skills and knowledge to other group members and descendants, that means humans and primates are not as far apart as we might think. Two primatologists of Swiss Neuchâtel Universtity have now supported Boesch's claims with their own research. In the jungles of Uganda, they examined how close human and chimpanzee culture are. They observed neighboring chimp populations, with totally different methods of using tools - even though they belong to the same species. Jane Goodall, whose research on primate tool use caused a scientific revolution in the 1960s, helps put the current debate in perspective.  

With amazing pictures of wild chimpanzees and the researchers observing them, the doc shows behaviors never seen before by scientists.