The Romanovs. Glory and Fall of the Czars

A look at the end of the last Czar and his family at the hand of the Bolsheviks, and the 4 centuries of grand, bloody and war-torn history that proceeded it - the might of the double-eagle throne fascinates us to this day.

The killing lasted 20 minutes. Czar Nikolaus II. was the first to die - shot in the heart with a pistol at close range. Then the Bolsheviks shot his wife Alexandra Fyodorovna, his daughters Olga, Tatyana, Maria, Anastasia, the heir apparent Alexei, and four employees of the royal family. The death of the Romanovs marked the end of a dynasty reaching back to the crowning of Michail Romanov in July 1613. The Czars always ruled their huge empire with an iron fist - which in the end became their undoing. 400 years of Romanov rule - 4 centuries of grandiose and fateful European and Russian history. 

This doc presents never-before-seen archive footage, shot in awe-inspiring and newly-restored locations in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, told in fast-paced yet dramatic style.

Also available as 90 min version