The National Park Zemaitija in Lithuania (7/12)

The Zemaitija National Park is located in the northwest of Lithuania; it is a hilly landscape formed by the retreat of the glaciers 12,000 years ago. Since 1991, 21,700 hectares here have been officially protected: 26 lakes, small waterbodies and rivers, moors and meadows. Almost half of the region is under forest. Here the shy and rare black storks have had their nests for years. There are only two breeding pairs in the Zemaitija National Park. Unlike their white cousins, the black storks seek out hidden homes in the forest to raise their young. In the forest, bats sleep through the day in bird nesting boxes, which the national park employees hang up in the strongly protected core zone, Plokstine. Many of the 15 species of bat that are native to Lithuania have become accustomed to people. While the crayfish in most European waters fell victim to the crayfish plague in the last century, here in this Samogitian national park they have survived. From December to May, the females carry approximately 200 eggs under their tail.

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