The National Park Sumava in Czech Republic (11/12)

The Sumava National Park is in the southwest of the Czech Republic, on the border with Austria and Germany. Together with the adjacent Bavarian Forest National Park, it forms the largest area of protected forest in Central Europe, also called the "Green Roof of Europe". Some 30 years ago, the lynx returned to the Sumava National Park. Now he moves almost noiselessly through his hunting ground which covers up to 350 square kilometres. The mating season begins for him in February, when it is bitter cold. For a few days the male and female lynxes come together and then these loners go their separate ways again. In the Sumava National Park, also called the Bohemian Forest, it proved possible to re-establish the Ural owl too, while hidden in the depths of the forest, black storks raise their young. Otters have established themselves by a clear stream; black grouse are settled on the edge of the moor. Here in the dense heathers, the emperor moth also sets about creating the next generation, 300 eggs at a time.

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