The National Park of Kiskunsag in Hungary (2/12)

Kiskunsag National Park in the plain between the Danube and the Theiss, founded in 1975, consists of nine regions, two landscape protection areas and thirteen nature reserves. This "mosaic" National Park covers an area of 75 hectares. In the region where the Danube once overflowed, shallow lakes and saline steppes characterize the landscape - a refuge for large bustards. Seagulls and waders find ideal brooding conditions between lakes and ponds on marshy meadows. Adjoining this region are shifting sands with dunes, residual forests and the sandy steppe of Bugac. In this Puszta landscape grey cattle herds graze, and ground-squirrels search for food. On the edge of the steppe red-footed falcons take care of their young. Yet the main attraction for the visitors of the National Park is the daring horseback performance of the Csikos.

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