The National Park Kornati in Croatia (6/12)

The Kornati, the archipelago with the greatest number of islands in the Adria, is situated some thirty kilometres off the coast of Dalmatia, between Zadar and Split. In 1988, 89 of these islands were declared as one of the eight Croatian National Parks now in existence. At first glance the islands appear bleak and monotonous; they only reveal their unique beauty when one takes a longer, closer look. Whereas on land brown, white and pale green are the dominating colours, the light shining far into the clear water illuminates the maritime world in a variety of colours. Octopuses, sea anemones, lion's manes and swarms of bream frolic in the underwater world while, above water, sheep populate the landscape of the Kornati. Wild rabbits, black-backed gulls and screech-owls also find their staple diet in this region.

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