The National Park Biebrza in Poland (4/12)

The vast natural landscape, much of it completely unspoiled, between the rivers Narew and Biebrza in the far north-east of Poland, with its almost 60,000 hectares of land, is Europe's largest fen region still preserved in its natural state. The elk is certainly among the most impressive animals of the Biebrza National Park. There are said to be almost 400 elks still in existence here. Meanwhile, the beaver has also started to reappear, its damms and 'lodges' making their mark on this riverscape . Biebrza Valley is also an important stopover for numerous birds of passage. In the kilometre-wide alluvial area thousands of waterfowl can be observed; for many species such as the sedge-warbler and the lesser-spotted eagle this riverscape is a paradise all year round.

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