The Miracle of Love

Elisabeth, an attractive art dealer, decides to take the plunge and get married a second time. But the man, her partner for some years, drops dead at the registry office. Together with the man she loved, for whom she has sold her shop and her flat, Elisabeth has to bury her dream of a shared future. Dispirited and distressed, she moves in with her daughter Isabel and her husband Adrian. But the three of them soon notice that this is not a happy solution. Without further ado Elisabeth packs her case and sets off on a journey with no clear destination and no return ticket. Her route takes her to the island of Santorin. With the help of Daphne, landlady of her guest house, she finds work in a jeweller's shop. Here Elisabeth blossoms, when it comes to jewellery she is an expert. The owner Konstantin is most impressed - not only by her expertise. Although Elisabeth feels flattered, at first she rejects his advances. But Konstantin refuses to give up and, bit by bit, he wins her heart. However, his son Meander and his daughter-in-law Katharina are bitterly opposed to this relationship. They are jealous and do all they can to get rid of the new woman in Konstantin's life. Finally they succeed - Elisabeth leaves without saying where she is going. Konstantin is devastated and sets off in search of her: he will return - together with Elisabeth.