The Medici Files

It is the largest-scale project in forensic medicine of all times: the Medici Project. With leading experts and real Medici family members this docu-drama follows the Medici's trail of blood, offering a brand-new take on the dramatic intrigues and mysterious murders within the Medici family. Cutting-edge CGI and 3-D effects visualize the stunning findings as well as lavish live action scenes.

Available as 2 x 52' or 1x 43'

Part I: The Star of Florence
Part II: Rise of a Mistress

It is the real CSI Florence: the Medici family is subject of one of the most intriguingforensic projects of all times. For the past 10 years, a team of European scientistshas exhumed 28 corpses of this mighty Italian dynasty which are buried in the Medici's family crypt in Florence.

The film focuses on two outstanding periods of the 16th century - a time when the descendants of Cosimo the Elder and Lorenzo the Magnificent have already ascended to rulers of Tuscany and have married into Europe's ruling dynasties. In Interviews historians, forensics and bio-archaeologists talk vividly about these vibrant times, centering around the siblings Isabella, Francesco and Ferdinandode Medici as well as Francesco's mistress Bianca Cappello.

Their stories contain dangerous liaisons, treason, cupidity and craving for power. The latter runs like a thread through the dynasty, straight to the death of the last Medici, Ana Maria Luisa, in 1743. Character-driven portraits shed new light on thefamily member's destinies and revive this long-lost era.

By cross-cutting between documentary elements and high-end recreationsstarring an international cast, the film solves three cases of murder - unatoned down to the present day. What historians have always suspected, scientists canprove now: driven by love and passion, hatred and cupidity, intrigues and jealousy Isabella, Francesco, Ferdinando and Bianca have no qualms and do not stop at nothing.