The Last Weynfeldt

Adrian Weynfeldt, mid-50s, has his upscale bachelor life perfectly arranged, from his tailored shoes to his pressed pajamas. As an art expert for an international auctioneer, the upper-class stiff has no room in his life for passion and romance. One night at a bar, he meets a mysterious stranger, Lorena, who persuades him to take her home with him - something he never does otherwise. When Weynfeldt wakes up the next morning, he finds Lorena outside on his balcony, threatening to jump. Awkwardly, Weynfeldt manages to persuade the young woman not to take the plunge. But now, Lorena expects him to take responsibility for her, both emotionally and financially, seeking a way out of her messed-up life of poverty. She seduces him more and more, enriching his everyday routine with mystery, sensuality, spontaneity - even a mobile phone. Egged on by Lorena, the once so proper and correct Weynfeldt finds himself embroiled in a million-Euro intrigue around a painting and its forgery. His life threatens to come unhinged, as he has to recognize that nothing is as it seems.  A different kind of mystery - seductive, entertaining and surprising.

Based on the novel by bestselling author Martin Suter, which has been sold to France, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway.