The General

When Jewish Federal Prosecutor Fritz Bauer sets out to root out Nazi war criminals in post-war Germany, he runs into an invisible conspiracy at all levels of government trying to block his way. So when Adolf Eichmann shows up in Argentina, Bauer turns to the Mossad instead...

An international political thriller that keeps us on the edge of our seats until the very end, based on a true story set amid the height of the Cold War. Ulrich Noethen ("Downfall", "Deutschland '83") shines in the lead role of dedicated maverick Fritz Bauer and David Kross ("The Reader") as his young aide Joachim Hell.

Coming from the producers of international Emmy Award winning "Generation War"

1959. Fourteen years after the end of the Third Reich, most Germans just want to forget about what happened and look ahead. Not Federal Prosecutor Fritz Bauer, however, a German Jew who just barely escaped the camps and has since dedicated himself to hunting Nazi war criminals. That makes him a thorn in the side of former Nazi Hans Globke, who is now chief of staff to Chancellor Konrad Adenauer in the young Federal Republic.  Bauer finds his investigations sabotaged by invisible enemies at every turn. The only person he can confide in is young and passionate prosecutor Joachim Hell. When Bauer is able to get the Israeli secret service to arrest former SS murderer Adolf Eichmann in Argentina, Globke is beside himself: Will Eichmann's testimony hurt him or other Ministers? Bauer starts to get political heat, he's accused of being the "tip of Moscow's spear". When Mossad warns Bauer the German secret service BND has an informer in his circle, Bauer realizes he can't trust anyone any more. His isolation threatens to wear him down. Will Bauer be able to face down the ex-Nazis arrayed against him? A battle against impossible odds begins.