The Equator - Latitude of Extremes

From the remotest regions to the biggest bustling boom regions, the Equator embodies all extremes of the globe, and symbolizes all the problems and challenges the world faces, from climate change to deforestation.

Episode titles:

    Eps. 1: Parties, Sea Lions and Submersion (English)
    Eps. 2: God, Botox and Prehistoric Beasts
    Eps. 3: Lions, Sharks and Presidents (English)
    Eps. 4: Snakes, Pigs and Obsession with Beauty
    Eps. 5: Hope, Mourning and Big Goals

Virgin landscapes and incredible natural vistas. Climate change, refugees in search of survival and booming billion-dollar markets: The Equator is the latitude of extremes. In five episodes, this doc series circles the globe to some of the world's most remote and most fascinating regions. Following the fates of selected protagonists, the series shows the amazing spectrum of events at the Equator, representing the great challenges of our time. Pacific nation Kiribati seems doomed to sink into the sea due to global warming. A whole nation in search of a new home. Indigenous people in Borneo fights against the razing of their forests, a Galapogos tour guide struggles to save rare species. In the wildlife-rich steppes of Kenya, a young Massai woman gets the opportunity of a lifetime to escape poverty and a repressive society. In Singapore, a jet set lady hurries from beauty clinic to extravagant parties, but there's more to her than meets the eye: The new assertiveness of Asia.