The Country Doctor

Country life isn't as quiet as it may seem, when widowed M.D. Johanna Lohmann inherits her uncle's practice in a quaint Austrian village and moves to the mountains with her son Max. First, the city girl has to fight for acceptance among the locals, who were expecting a male doctor and don't like strangers much, anyway. The only one who stands up for her is local veterinary Dr. Laurenz Hofer, who soon becomes her suitor. But even when she saves a local girl's life, the grumpy villagers find a way to blame her. And local girl Verena isn't going to give up on Laurenz so easily. In six instalments to date, charismatic Christine Neubauer as Johanna Lohmann takes on rabies epidemics, orphaned children, ardent suitors and wedding preparations as she struggles with adapting to the fact that country folk know each other a little too well for comfort.