The Corn Delusion: How One Plant Creates Profit and Hunger

The film tells the story of the victims and perpetrators of the corn delusion - it is an object lesson in how the global economy works.

Jemima has no idea how she will feed her seven children. Corn, the staple food in southern Kenya, has become far too expensive and she can only afford it on rare occasions. But how is this possible when corn, the turbo-plant, is spreading like wildfire around the globe? In recent years, corn has become so popular that it now covers more arable land than any other agricultural product. It is the "industrial plant" of the 21st century; the one that is most researched and marketed by big business and most suited for large-scale exploitation.

Demand is enormous: in Germany corn is turned into biogas and electricity; in the United States they use it to make ethanol. And around the world, corn is used to feed billions of hens and pigs for the meat industry. The price of corn has exploded. It is influenced by the cost of oil, the world's hunger for meat products and the interests of agricultural concerns. The market that should actually supply the people of the world with a foodstuff has gone haywire, making some rich and leaving others to starve.