The Champagne Spy

Oded is just 12 years old when his father reveals to him being a Mossad agent and makes the boy swear to secrecy because his life depends on it. While he leaves on his mission to Cairo as Wolfgang Lotz - ex Nazi millionaire and horse breeder - Oded and his mother remain alone in Paris, waiting anxiously for his return. Now Oded breaks a long silence and journeys into his father's real and covert identities, revealing the heavy price paid by his family, trapped in the shadows of espionage.

-    A feature length documentary which takes us beyond the myth of espionage to reveal the involvement of the spy's family and the heavy personal price paid by those who live in the shadows.
-    For the first time senior Mossad and Israeli intelligence officials, former agents and operatives, talk on camera about the role of the family and about the personal and emotional toll of the world of espionage.
-    In the film there is unique footage from Lotz's trial in Cairo, his time in prison as well as 8mm footage shot by his son during Lotz's secret visits to Paris while on his mission.
-    The film was shot in France, Germany and Israel for a budget of half a million USD financed by the New Israeli Film Fund, ZDF/ARTE, NRW Filmfstiftung and Israeli Channel 10.