The Chalk Circle Man

"Victor, hex on you, what are you doing outdoors?" For the past four months, this phrase has been appearing overnight alongside circles drawn in chalk on the sidewalks of Paris. In the middle of these circles are strange objects: a trombone, a candle, a pair of tweezers, a pigeon's foot ?   The press loves the mystery, and certain psychiatrists start to speculate on whether it's the work of a maniac or simply a prankster. But Commissaire Adamsberg is not in the mood for joking. These circles and their strange contents are a bad sign. He knows that as he can feel it. And he is not wrong. Soon, the findings go from harmless oddities to the macabre. One morning, the body of a woman with her throat cut is found inside one of the blue circles.  

Based on a bestseller novel by Fred Vargas.
German Title: "Es geht noch ein Zug von der Gare du Nord"

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