The Cave of the Yellow Dog

Nansal (6), the oldest daughter of a Mongolian nomad family finds a small dog one day while out in the fields. When she brings him home, her father is afraid he could bring bad luck and demands that she immediately get rid of him. Despite her father's orders, she keeps the puppy and tries to hide him from her skeptical father. When the family uproots to move to another camp, the father leaves the puppy behind, tied up to a post. Only when the dog proves himself to the father by protecting the family's baby boy from a flock of threatening vultures does the father accept him and welcome him into their family.

The Cave of the Yellow Dog tells the story of the age-old bond between man and dog, a bond which experiences a new twist through the eternal cycle of reincarnation in Mongolia. 

"This year's best family film by far!" - Am New York 
"Strikingly Beautiful...Deserves an Oscar." - Evening Standard 

Festivals: Busan IFF, San Sebastián FF, Mar del Plata IFF, Shanghai IFF


San Sebastian Film Festival (2005)
  Concha de oro
    won    Other (Signis Award - Special Mention)

Deutscher Filmpreis - German Film Award (2005)
  Deutscher Filmpreis
    won    Children & Young People ()

Hamptons International Film Festival (2005)
  Hamptons International Film Festival Awards
    won    Best Film (Golden Starfish Award)