The Bruckner Case

Social worker Katherina Bruckner bites off more than she can chew when she investigates a case of child abuse she can't prove - and winds up being publicly exposed herself. It turns into a high-stakes tightrope act between legal, moral and personal challenges.

Katharina Bruckner has lots of tough cases as a child welfare social worker, and it's no easier at home, either. Her husband, a surgeon, is seeing a younger woman. Her daughter has to go away on business and asks her to take care of her grandson. Then school psychologist Schubert asks for her help: Prominent architect Mrs. Bremer came to see him because of her 7-year-old son's hyperactivity, but the boy seemed scared and claimed Mrs. Bremer wasn't his mother. Then the boy even disappeared for a short while. Katharina takes care of little Joe and wins his trust. But his mother tries to prevent her from meddling, and publicly attacks Katharina by revealing a long-held secret...


Adolf-Grimme-Institut (2015)
    won    Best Screenplay (Hans-Ulrich Krause and Cooky Ziesche)
    won    Best Director (Urs Egger)
    won    Best Performance by an Actress (Corinna Harfouch)