The Bank Job

A nail-biting, Hard-hitting Genre thriller and an existential drama of individuals hit by the banking crisis, a gripping story of average people in extraordinary circumstances.

After his carpentry firm shutters, Klaus Roth faces bankruptcy. The only shot he sees at getting At any money to pay his bills is to rob the local bank's Armored car. But the heist he attempts with afghan vet Achim Buchert fails miserably, and he winds up holed up in the bank with five employees as hostages, while the police surround the building. At first it looks like the local police captain can resolve the standoff peacefully. Klaus Roth is already thinking about giving up. But then the State Police leader Alexandra Beck intervenes, determined to play hardball...

Movingly Staged by Hit director Roland Suso Richter ("Dresden", "Mogadishu" and "The Tunnel"), and starring German A-Lister Richy Müller .

"Suspenseful to the end" Frankfurter Allgemeine

"Not for the weak at heart." Frankfurter Rundschau

"TV highlight: tough, gripping, intelligent" TV Spiefilm

"Few German screenwriters produce mysteries as taut as Holger Karsten Schmidt."

"The Bank Job" is a High-voltage Actioner of the type you rarely see on ARD and ZDF." Frankfurter Rundschau